Welcome to the Greater Long Beach Church of Christ

If you ever thought what is my purpose? Why am I here? God has brought you the right place to help you answer those questions with His Word. You have come to a place where we believe in loving God and His people. We invite you to visit us and learn more about our Long Beach church family.

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The Power of Family, Friendships and God!

As a fellowship that strives to love God we understand that only through Him and helping each other we’ll have marriages and families that will thrive!

Having a Blast Living the Single Life!

Our dynamic singles ministry has a blast loving God and each other staying in each other’s lives and having a blast.

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Living it up Student Style!

College is a such a packed time of our lives that we believe in having the most fun while loving God, making friends and building lifelong relationships.

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The ones Jesus called us to be like…

The future of our church is dependent our youth! We have a full curriculum dedicated to our youth ensure they have a blast we learning about God every Sunday.


Upcoming Events

Authentic Manhood Midweek Series Wednesdays 7:30pm Learn More

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Where We Meet

We meet Sunday, and weekdays, Wed or Friday night depending on the group that meets in your area. Click here to learn more or find a small group near you!


Our Blog

Read powerful testimonies from personal stories of our church family members, experience the power of God through their vulnerable and heart moving stories. Read or share yours today!

The Meaning of Family during the HolidaysThe holidays don’t mean anything without family, yet for many of us, the word “family” didn’t mean much when we were growing up. The word carries a bad connotation if we came from homes characterized by violence, alcohol, drugs, and abandonment.

The good news is, no matter what kind of home we came from, God has promised to be there for us, and He welcomes us with arms open wide:

“Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me” (Psalm 27:10). Read more

LA buddy and I were discussing faith when we were hanging out the other day. He followed up on our previous conversation about faith. “It’s so simple,” he said, “if you believe it, it will happen! So many people don’t ask God for anything and I can’t wrap my mind around it. When people complain about what they don’t have, I ask them, ‘Did you ask God for it?’ They say, ‘No.’ I’m like…” and he had this funny contorted look on his face that said, “Why not??” Perhaps the concept of faith is too simple for people to believe.Read more
Julio Mendoza, baptized on August 4, 2013

I grew up in a traditional Catholic family. My family and I only attended church on Sundays and important days like Ash Wednesday. I never really paid attention to anything related to God, unfortunately. Even when my mother found God while recovering from liver failure, I still didn’t listen. She kept telling me to seek God all the time, but being an unbeliever, I always felt like religion was a nuisance in my life growing up. I felt like it was an obstacle to having fun.Read more

Greater Long Beach Church Highlights

Diverse group from every social, economic and life background that strives to love God
We all understand we are sinful people that want to strive to please God and rejoice in Him everyday
Find safety in knowing that we can be genuine in our struggles and will find safety in forgivess from the blood Jesus shed for us
Worship God with all our hearts and accept everyone as our brothers and sisters in the Lord
Have a blast serving God and each other as Mature Christians, Marrieds, Singles, College and High School Students!