Teens Worshiping at Teen CampTeenagers, need we say more? There is no better place for teenagers to live out their most formative and difficult years than in the teen ministry. Lead by disciples who are wholly invested in the lives of our teens, this ministry provides the support and safe platform needed for teenagers to discover who they are. The teenage years can be some of the most exciting times of a person’s life, unfortunately they can also be some of the most devastating. In the world today teens are heavily influenced and even preyed upon.

At Greater Long Beach Ministry, we strive to educate our teens on the reality of the world, helping them build to a Godly confidence so they are prepared to face life’s challenges.

Dick and Anna Gee have been part of the Greater Long Beach Church for many years and serve as shepherds for the Youth and Family Ministry. They have two daughters, Kaitlyn and Rachel, and live in Cerritos. Dick and Anna have a great passion to pass on the faith to the next generation and equip parents to fulfill that great vision.