If you have spent any time at all around the family ministry, you have undoubtedly heard the term “family devotional.” The concept is not new, but it bears mentioning that this is actually a very useful weekly tool for the whole family to get together and discuss a spiritual topic – at the children’s level.


Who does Family Devotionals?
Families do them. When it is just you and your spouse, you are having a couple’s devotional. When you have children, you have a family devotional.

When and how often should you have Family Devotionals?
Having one once a week is a good idea. The day and time are up to you. But remember: consistency is king!

Are there Dos and Don’ts?
You bet. Since this devotional is specifically geared for the children in the home, it must be age-appropriate.
• If you have a kindergartener in the home, lofty spiritual concepts and copious excerpts from Revelation are most likely not appropriate.
• Keep the devotional in a language that kids understand.
• Choose an age-appropriate topic. Family unity, the unity of the believers, patience, kindness and sharing are all great topics.
• Keep it interesting. If your kids cannot sit still during the Sunday sermon, they most likely will not do well with your preaching at them in the home either. Make it an interactive time with singing, acting, puppets, crayons and hands-on interactions.

What do I do if I need Help?
Many families in our ministry have chosen to get together and have joint family devotionals. This is usually a good idea if the kids are all close in age. If you want to do your own devotionals but need help getting started, invite another spiritual family to come over and lead the first devotional for you. Then, follow in their footsteps.