The Christian Post has put together a list of the quotes most commonly associated with the Bible (albeit erroneously). “God helps those who help themselves,” earned a top spot on this list. Although quite a few folks believe that it’s in the Bible, it is, in fact, a saying that goes back to Sophocles, a writer of ancient Greek tragedies. The saying was later on picked up by Benjamin Franklin; from there, it was catapulted into the mainstream.

This saying is appealing in a 2 Timothy 4:3 sort of way. First and foremost, it negates the need to get involved on a messy interpersonal level with someone in need of assistance. After all, if the struggler were to just pull himself up by the bootstraps, God would step in, right? Secondly, it offers a thick balm for the guilty conscience that balks at this attitude and points to Proverbs 28:27.

In a attaque au fer that would have made a musketeer proud, we frequently try to quiet that pesky conscience with the suggestions that giving (as opposed to lending) people money is a bad idea – they might buy who knows what with it! Ah, but Jesus got there well in advance of us. In Mark 10:21, He discusses spiritual treasure that can be built up by using earthly treasure to help those in need. Touché!

But what do you do when you do not actually have disposable income to share with someone who is in need of help? Relax! We’ve got you covered. The Greater Long Beach Church is involved in a number of recurring community service events that allow you to give of your time instead! Are you ready to build up some heavenly treasure this weekend?