A recent article mentioned that Germans are leaving churches in droves. Members are not joining other movements but rather “disappearing into indifference.” At the end, it takes little more than “the smallest displeasure” for one to leave. So, how do you know if you are already on this slippery slope?

Spiritual indifference can affect even the sincerest disciple. The trick to getting off the slippery slope is to be honest with yourself. If you have recently thought, “why do we always have to” try something new, keep doing things the same way, volunteer more, volunteer less … you are on the road to indifference. You just package it nicely so you do not blurt out, “I don’t care,” “I don’t feel like it” or “I don’t want to.”

Go Soul-searching … is it Sin?
Take stock of your attitude. Do you find that your zeal has become lacking and your attitude is – at best – lukewarm? It is time to go to God. Pray that God will rescue you from yourself. Is there sin that has crept in between you and God? Psalm 51 is a great example of one such prayer. (Incidentally, it took place after David was confronted about his premeditated adultery and murder.) Verse 10 in particular is a request to receive a “pure heart” and a renewed “steadfast spirit” from God.

… Is it Religiosity vs. Faith?
Maybe your indifference stems from a gradual cooling of the love and admiration you once held for God. This, in itself, is sin as outlined by Revelation 2:4. You allowed your love for God to get weak. Repentance is the antidote to a lackluster relationship with Christ. If you are simply bored, shake things up!

If you lack gratitude, get into a study with someone (it’s okay to crash someone else’s study) to remember the appreciation you once had. Volunteer in ways that stretch you. Do whatever it takes to not sit in a seat but actively walk the walk. Kingdom Kids is a great ministry for those who want to deepen their love for God. Nothing strengthens the faith like teaching a child about Christ – if you commit to the process.

… Is it a Lack of Vision?
You knew that we would eventually get here. Yes, talking to your discipleship partner is a necessity. You may have lost your vision for your religious walk, but another spiritual person can help you to regain it and plan for it. What do you really want to do for God but now think it is completely out of reach? Discuss it! Devise steps to get there. Do not be bashful! Ruben wants to hear from you with ideas!

Whatever You Do, Do not Allow “Displeasure” to Separate You from God and His Church
Heed the warning of the German example. Call it apathy, indifference or sin. But call it! Then, deal with it. Do not allow it to continue for one more day. Talk to God, call another disciple and get help – before you, too, become a statistic of spiritual indifference.