Does your Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform feed look like a train wreck comprised of celebrity scandal, political trash talking and gossipy bits of information you really didn’t want? Is complete social media abstinence the only cure? Interestingly enough, you do have options.

Social Media is not the Enemy
Social media is what you make of the experience. The platforms themselves are neutral with respect to values. Yet as you go about adding friends, “liking” causes and joining groups, your feed fills up with the posts of others. Occasionally, this exposes you to sexual innuendo, explicit gossip, bullying and worldliness in its various forms. Change is possible but calls for dramatic action. Remove the worst offenders from your friends’ lists. Limit the visibility of posts of those you do not want to remove.

Gullibility and Impulse Reactions ARE (the enemy)
Sometimes, the Christian turns into the problem user. This is frequently the case when a situation arises that inflames the user’s passions. This could be a political argument, a natural health remedy debate or a discussion on religious topics. In these settings, it is valuable to remember James 3:10. Are you posting something that reflects well on your stated belief in God or does it portray you as a gossip, a complainer or as prideful in any other way?

How to Repair Social Media Mistakes
If you have been quick to forward or re-post a meme or update, which you later learn is incorrect or malicious, step up to the plate and post a retraction. Delete the offending post and let folks know why you did it. In fact, it is wise to research the veracity of your re-posts before you make them. Make a mistake here, and you slander the name of individuals or companies.