The New York Times asked if Evangelicals in support of Trump have lost their values. LifeNews is far more direct and says that a vote for Clinton would lead to an absolute catastrophe. So, for whom should Christians cast their ballots?

But perhaps this is the wrong question to ask. In fact, it is a symptom of the Christian’s devolution and a return to the partisan nature of bickering, backbiting, and frustrated living. Does this describe you? Here is a simple test.

  • Is your speech to those who vote for another candidate “gracious?” (Colossians 4:6)
  • Do you curse the other candidate? (James 3:9)
  • Are you resolved to pray for the person who will be the next president? (Proverbs 21:1)
  • Do you realize that your candidate’s election day loss may be a part of God’s plan? (Isaiah 55:8)

If there is some doubt gnawing at your mind or soul, there is a good chance that you have slipped. Relax! There is good news ahead. It is called repentance.

  • Admit where you made errors in judgment. Whether these were unkind words about the other candidate, name-calling aimed at her or his supporters, or spreading gossip and questionable news from fringe websites that have the goal of supporting your guy or gal and tearing down the other one. It is perfectly fine to disagree with the politics of other people; but you have to remember that they, too, are made in God’s likeness.
  • Take it on the horizontal. Granted, you have sinned against God and as such are asking for His forgiveness. But remember that you did not sin in a vacuum. You have offended or hurt others. Some you may never know because they quietly walked away. Others may have cut ties with you. Confess your sin to your discipleship partner and work on taking steps to ensure that the next election does not bring out the worst in you.
  • Remember that Jesus died for everyone. Everyone includes the folks who voted for the other candidate or hold a political opinion that is entirely different from yours.

When all is said and done, one candidate will be president. About half of the country will rejoice. The other half will disagree vehemently with the election results and bemoan the loss. Ugly name-calling will continue and, in some cases, get worse. Resolve not to be part of it.

In fact, no matter who becomes president, God is still in control, and Jesus is still Lord. Let’s all live like we understand and believe it.