How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? If the parking lot at the local gym is any indication, they’re not doing so well. In fact, finding parking near the entrance is getting easier every day! If this describes all the plans you had for your life on January 1, God offers you a mulligan opportunity: Lent.


No, we’re not going to go Roman Catholic here. Within that denomination, Lent is a 40-day fast from certain foods. It takes the believer from Ash Wednesday through Easter.

Because we’re always in search for renewal, a new beginning, or the opportunity to turn over a new leaf, we tend to jump on special days such as New Year. In reality, this day is as good as any other to reform behaviors. With that said, if you prefer the days that get a little more attention on the calendar, consider the onset of Lent your mulligan.

Re-evaluate your New Year’s resolutions and maybe rein in your plans a little. Focus on one area you want to grow in, and then go after it. But add a spiritual component to the mix. Take something out of your day – it doesn’t have to be food or soda – and replace it with a time of singing to God, reading your Bible, or praying. For some, this could be the time spent arguing about politics on Facebook. For others, it might be the binge watching of Netflix shows.

Just remember, you’re not actually the one achieving change on your own merits. God is the one who makes it happen. Ephesians 2:4-10 is a good illustration here. So, how could you approach this Lent as a do-over for New Year?

Prayer and gratitude are good starting points.