If you had lived and traveled with Jesus Christ, would you be a believer? If you had witnessed the healings, exorcisms, and raising from the dead that Jesus did, would you follow him? Sure; or is it? Case in point is Judas Iscariot.


One of the 12, Judas received 30 silver coins to betray Jesus with a kiss. But before that point in time, he was with the other disciples whom Jesus sent out to preach and heal. When others found Christ’s teaching too difficult to follow, Judas stuck it out with the 12 and remained faithful. But he also stole from the petty cash fund that the disciples had.

It would stand to reason that someone who walked so closely with the Messiah and remained steadfast when others left would stay faithful to the end. If not even Judas could do it, what hope is there for the rest of us? However, there are some warning signs along the way.

Playing with sin. Jesus undoubtedly knew that Judas was an occasional thief. The other disciples probably did not. There is no mention of anyone calling him on his behavior. Even so, Judas probably knew that helping himself to the money others donated to the ministry was wrong.

Leaving a foothold for Satan. Playing with sin resulted in a foothold for Satan. Paul warned the Ephesians not to give the devil an in. God, in an interaction with Cain, warned that sin was crouching at the door. But there was hope; Cain could master it and not act on it. (As we know, Cain chose to act on his feelings of anger instead.)

From here, there is a lot of conjecture. Did Judas believe that Jesus’ kingdom was an earthly one, and he wanted to force the Messiah’s hand? The Bible teaches that Satan entered Judas, and he did the deed. What is clear, however, is that he had remorse. Sadly, he did not repent.