After every disaster, humans want to know why. Did God send the hurricane as punishment? Did He not care about the lives that it would end? Sometimes, the answers to the tough questions are not satisfying.


Why It’s Unlikely that God Sent Hurricane Harvey as Punishment
Are there fewer people fearing God in Texas than there are in California? Are the sins in Texas worse than they are in Rhode Island? It is possible for God to use disasters to return His people to repentance. The Old Testament is filled with stories of disaster, repentance, and restoration. But in these situations, the people involved knew through the prophets what was coming.

Why It’s Unlikely that God Exercises a Hands-Off Policy
Some folks claim that because the Earth is the devil’s playground, God has adopted a hands-off policy. He gave free will to humans and let us deal with the results of our decisions. But this explanation would make Him out to be devoid of compassion and care, and the Bible teaches the opposite.

Why It’s More Likely that We Simply Don’t Know Why Disasters Happen
What we do know is that God’s ways are not our ways. Some things are beyond our human understanding. And this is one of the most dissatisfying thoughts. We like order, reason, and predictability. We pray for the ability to roll with the punches and trust.

Here is your opportunity to trust. We can ask “why” when we get to heaven. In the meantime, Luke 12:42-43 teaches us to be a wise servant who does what s/he is tasked with. Going about our purpose to love will be more productive than getting stuck on the dissatisfaction of the unanswered “why.”