Last time around, we talked about how to derail your New Year’s resolutions in three easy steps. This time, let’s talk about success for your New Year’s resolutions.


Pray about Your New Year’s Resolutions before You Commit to Them
It sounds so easy. However, far too often we run away with our plans without consulting the Lord first. Maybe He doesn’t want you to focus so much on your financial plans for buying a new car this year and more on reaching out to the neighbors. Proverbs 16:3 teaches us to talk to God first and let Him collaborate on our plans.

Choose Something You Genuinely Care About
So, about that weight loss. Going to the gym three days a week is not something you’re ecstatic about. But your doctor is saying you need to lose weight. Maybe you really enjoy dancing or swimming. Rather than forcing yourself to “do time” on a stair machine, commit to participating in an activity that you actually really like. Weight loss will come along in time.

Pick One or Two Resolutions and Reinforce Good Habits
Far too often, we’re over-ambitious. We promise to lose weight, become frugal, spend more time with family, read our Bible in a year, eat clean, de-clutter, and be a better friend. In other words, we’re planning on a complete re-do of our personalities and habits. No wonder this setup fails!

Rather than going this route, focus on what you like about yourself. Reinforce it with one or two habit changes. For example, if you’re a generous person who loves to give gifts, find a way to channel this generosity to increase its impact. Next, pick one thing you want to change. Then, create a step-by-step plan for achieving this goal.