You probably just finished putting away the Easter decorations. However, Earth Day is right around the corner. It isn’t a church holiday. On the other hand, maybe it is.


God Wants Us to Take Care of the Earth
This idea goes all the way back to Genesis 2:15. It has nothing to do with the gradual politicizing of the day. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you believe global warming is real (or not). God’s desire for Adam to take care of the garden models the attitude we should have toward the planet we live on. In sunny Southern California, that includes ocean waters and forests as well as deserts.

You’re Living on God’s Earth
Psalm 24:1 identifies the Earth as belonging to God. It doesn’t belong to us. Do you want trash to pile up in your home? Would you accept it if people passing through your house would leave half-eaten food sitting around, muddy footprints on the floor, and empty bottles rolling around the ground? Of course not. When you leave your trash on the beach, aren’t you doing that to God’s Earth, however?

The Christian’s Guide to Earth Day
Earth Day is an excellent opportunity to do something with the kids. There are beach cleanups all along the coast. Teach the little ones to pick up trash they see and put it in a nearby dumpster. Take them to the recycling center to see what you do with glass, plastic, and aluminum waste. (The money you get is a nice incentive to save the empties from now on.) Set an example by not tossing the old TV to the curb but by recycling it at an electronic waste station.