Easter, next to Christmas, is the one occasion that even the staunchest part-timer might consider going to church. If you’re honest, you might have been doing it out of guilt. But did you know that there are three good reasons to go to church this Easter Sunday – for yourself?


Everyone Expects Newcomers
Churches pull out all the stops on Easter Sunday. There will be egg hunts (great for the kids!), refreshments (yummy!), and friendly faces. Everyone expects new faces. People will be extra helpful, and you’ll feel comfortable. In fact, you’ll fit right in.

It’s Easy to Reconnect with Your Faith
Most part-timers grew up with some religious instruction. Deep in the recesses of your heart and mind, there’s a mustard seed of faith. Easter is the perfect time to have it germinate again. If you have been thinking of coming back to church, Easter is the ideal opportunity.

Everyone Knows the Story
Some sermons are a bit esoteric. There’s only so much you can get out of the symbolism of Revelation before your eyes glaze over. That said, everyone knows the Easter story. You might be fuzzy on some details, but you know the significant parts. This makes following along with the sermon a snap.

Of course, you might try to talk yourself out of going Sunday morning. There are plenty of excuses. You had successfully used them last year.

The Church is Full of Hypocrites
Yes, it is. There are hypocrites in every row. But remember that church is for helping those in this spiritual condition. If you don’t go to church because of the hypocrites, that’s a bit like staying out of the gym because of the overweight people who go there. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

I Have Nothing to Wear
I’m not going to lie; some people love to dress up for Easter Sunday. Good for them! If you are a t-shirt and jeans person, come as you are. Churches typically don’t have a dress code. As long as the clothes cover what they should and avoid foul language, you’re good.

I Don’t Want to Sit in the Front Row
Welcome to the club. Not even the congregants (most of them) want to sit in the front row. That’s why many come 10 to 15 minutes early. There’s plenty of seating near the back and aisles. The later you show up, the closer to the preacher you’ll sit.

See you on Sunday!