The Bible teaches in Luke 18:1-8 that persistence pays off. The analogy is that even a corrupt judge will grant justice if you keep it up long enough. But how long is long enough?


Inconsistent and Entitled?
The widow from the story was not to be deterred. She kept after the judge. Eventually, he decided to grant her justice. God is just. He, too, gives justice. But he might not do it in my time. So, I have to choose. Will I remain consistent, or will I shrug my shoulders? Because I feel entitled to a quick response, I might just turn inconsistent.

Distracted or Laser-Focused?
In Luke 5:16, we learn that Jesus went to out-of-the-way places as often as possible to connect with God in prayer. He would likely scoff at the car prayers, the radio-in-the-background prayers, and similar occasions when one eye or ear are focused elsewhere.

Straightforward or Roundabout? Seeking or Kicking Back?
In Luke 11:1-13, the disciples had caught on that Jesus had a way of praying that got results. They wanted to learn how to tap into God the same way. What Jesus did had nothing to do with a secret formula or magic incantation. Instead, it was a straightforward approach that covered everything from three square meals to forgiveness. How often do I try to fill the time with empty phrases that are roundabout – even though they sound nice?

It’s interesting to note that Jesus urged the disciples to seek and knock. So, when I pray for patience, do I expect God to hand me the actual patience? (Because I’ve come to realize that that’s not how it works.) Instead, I should be on the lookout for opportunities to be patient. But am I? Are you?