Statistically speaking, after Easter and Christmas, Mother’s Day sees high attendance numbers at church. If you’re toying with the idea of sitting this one out, there’s still time to change your mind. Here’s why.

Easter, next to Christmas, is the one occasion that even the staunchest part-timer might consider going to church. If you’re honest, you might have been doing it out of guilt. But did you know that there are three good reasons to go to church this Easter Sunday – for yourself?

Would you have thought it possible that online gaming and social media interactions could lead to a digital addiction? Yet there is evidence that digital addiction acts on the brain’s reward center in the same ways that drugs do. By the way, what’s your kid doing right now?

California has laws on the books that cover cyberbullying, harassment, and discrimination. Policies for bullying prevention are on school district websites. Children are taught to tell a bully to stop a behavior and then tell an adult. Few do. Moreover, what happens when your child is the bully?

Ah, Mother’s Day. Already, you find blog posts about the best Mother’s Day gift ideas for this year. Moreover, plenty of religious folks start mentioning the Proverbs 31 woman. But there’s a problem.

You probably just finished putting away the Easter decorations. However, Earth Day is right around the corner. It isn’t a church holiday. On the other hand, maybe it is.