Have you noticed the Champions of Hope table outside church on Sundays? You usually find it right at the entrance. Occasionally, you see shopping bags with cans in them underneath the table.

The New York Times asked if Evangelicals in support of Trump have lost their values. LifeNews is far more direct and says that a vote for Clinton would lead to an absolute catastrophe. So, for whom should Christians cast their ballots?

Ask some folks why they have not darkened the door of a Christian church in years, and you frequently hear that they just don’t like organized religion. Would disorganized religion be better? What they are saying is something else altogether.

The shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35, which only reads, “Jesus wept.” However, did Jesus ever laugh? Did he have a sense of humor?

You have heard it said that good intentions are the paving stones to the devil’s abode. If the recent observance of Easter has moved you to make some decisions about your walk with God, take stock of the steps you have taken to make them come true. Are you actively following up on your decisions or are you paving a road?

Easter Sunday. It is the day that friends and family members, who have been absent from church, return for a visit. A joyful event, Easter Sunday has the power to move the heart, rekindle forgotten commitments and refresh a soul that has become calloused. How will you respond?