Children’s Sunday school experiences likely shape their tenure in the preteen and teen ministries. The seeds that children’s ministry teachers and parents sow now have the potential to spring up in a harvest of . . . what? How can you ensure that the kids get the most out of their experiences each Sunday?

January 1 is right around the corner. With the drop of the ball on New Year’s Eve, scores of Americans once again make New Year’s resolutions. Keeping them is a different kettle of fish. In fact, it is quite possible that you are even now derailing your odds of keeping your goals for 2016. How?

Do you want to ruin Christmas for your children? Of course not! That said, there are probably five ways that you are doing it right now.

One of the most misunderstood Christian practices is the participation in the communion. Who takes it? Who shouldn’t? And what does it mean to do so in an “unworthy” manner?

Halloween is coming up. For some, this is where the spiritual rubber meets the worldly road. Some say that participating in Halloween should be a big no-no for Christians. What does God say?

The terms “Christian” and “bully” should not go together in a sentence. Yet there are times when even those who are members of the Christian faith can be observed bullying others. Interestingly, it is initially unintentional.