Have you noticed that every costume now seems to have the word “sexy” attached to it? It’s no longer a cat, but a sexy cat. If you’re a disciple and participating in Halloween festivities, let’s talk about that.

After every disaster, humans want to know why. Did God send the hurricane as punishment? Did He not care about the lives that it would end? Sometimes, the answers to the tough questions are not satisfying.

If you had lived and traveled with Jesus Christ, would you be a believer? If you had witnessed the healings, exorcisms, and raising from the dead that Jesus did, would you follow him? Sure; or is it? Case in point is Judas Iscariot.

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? If the parking lot at the local gym is any indication, they’re not doing so well. In fact, finding parking near the entrance is getting easier every day! If this describes all the plans you had for your life on January 1, God offers you a mulligan opportunity: Lent.

Have you noticed the Champions of Hope table outside church on Sundays? You usually find it right at the entrance. Occasionally, you see shopping bags with cans in them underneath the table.

The New York Times asked if Evangelicals in support of Trump have lost their values. LifeNews is far more direct and says that a vote for Clinton would lead to an absolute catastrophe. So, for whom should Christians cast their ballots?